Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Re-posting ... comes after recyling, right?

I know I posted a link to the MOH updates page about Clinton just the other day, but here is another one worth reading: http://mohhaiti.org/posts/82#.UP7rss0lKOU
It is a link to the MOH blog page and this entry was written by a friend of mine, Ruben, who is so full of life and faith - he has a contagious spirit!
I hope you let his brief story bless you. He is one of a group of young leaders being sponsored to study at the college and being poured into by our staff. Training them, educating them, equipping and empowering them - I picture God fist-pumping at each step in their journey. It's men like Ruben who can really be used by the Lord to change this country... and we get to ride along, at least for a ways!

We Recycle!

This news really confused my mouth.
I didn't know I could smile so big while my jaw was on the floor.
In a country where, when you're done with something (whether it be a water bottle or a tire), it is common drop it and walk away, the organizations that are re-using and re-purposing trash are held, by me, in very high esteem. Now we at MOH certainly don't dump our trash on the side of the road. We burn what we can and the rest has it's own place, a place I never like to go, a place people shouldn't really go, but a very necessary place. We do a pretty good job with our trash. Sounds dramatic, but it's just a mini land-fill sort of deal.
But, upon return to MOH after my Christmas time at home, I have learned that we are kicking it up a notch. A beautiful, big, fat, lovely notch.
Not only are we recylcing the thousands upon thousands of cardboard boxes we accumulate each year, we are sending them to ... The Apparent Project!!!!
Even better than recylcing, we are supporting The Apparent Project's mission to employ Haitians in order to keep families in tact, healthy, happy and connected with the gospel of Christ!
Do go to their website and look around. I gifted some of their beaded ornaments at Christmas - they are just lovely! In the future we can expect many of their paper beads to be made by boxes have passed through MOH hands!

I just LOVE when stuff like this connection happens. LOVE IT!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Hey, Bill.

"Bill Clinton Foundation Works With MOH!"

Think back to all of your thoughts and memories of President Bill Clinton.
Now click here to see how his Foundation is blessing our community here in Haiti (and so blessing me and, because we're connected, blessing you too)!

Loving how God's plans are just so delicious to include us all!