Tuesday, 18 September 2012

So, how did it go?


Last Friday's training time with our Village of Hope Mommies and Daddies went really well!

We began with a bunch of non-expressive faces. Rachel called the looks on their faces "I-Hate-You" expressions. I took them more for completely uninterested and basically just putting up with me faces (I see those looks a lot and have decided to accept that explanation over the hate one) - but really they were blank and staring and no one was responsive...

... until about 10 minutes in when things started changing quickly! I am confident that it was your prayers that changed their attitudes and attention!  and thanks so much for those words of encouragement some of you were able to send!
The group began responding, interacting, relating, discussing... it was the brilliant hand of God in that meeting in my office that stirred those Haitian Mommies and Daddies!

We talked about Love as the base for everything in our lives, as we have Jesus Christ as Saviour, and of the importance of that in the orphanage. We talked through some questions and ideas they had and encouraged each other. It was great.

We will have another teaching time this Friday morning at 10:30 again (and for the next few weeks) and will be checking in with homework assignments and discussing more Fruit of the Spirit in our work and lives here together. In the end they will have an exam and will receive a certificate upon completion (which is a bigger deal than you may think - certificates are highly valued here as evidence of completed work and/or participation).

Your prayers are coveted as we walk with our Haitian staff through this season of training. I plan to update the blog about what we are covering together so that you can join with us in prayers of blessing and thanks and requests for the Lord's favour on this journey.

(Friday) Morning Prayer Request

Good Morning!

It's Friday!
I've been prepping to do some teaching with our Mommies and Daddies here at the orphanage this week. Today is our first seminar - at 10:30am - and we will be doing teaching and encouragement seminars for the next few Fridays (starting today, ending... not sure!)

The intent is for me to support them in their work parenting and also to challenge them to improve and hold each other accountable in this super-important role. We are going to be using the Fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22) as a foundation and will include lots more scripture coupled with Attachment Theory.

I covet your prayers this morning for wisdom in teaching and for receptive open hearts and a growing desire in all of us to love on and minister to our children and youth. With 65 kids you can imagine it is often exhausting!

I'm just doing last-minute prep and it struck me (or, rather, God prodded me) to send out this invite for you to join with us this morning.

With gratitude and awe at His work here,
Love in Christ,

ps. the scripture I'm praying over them is Eph. 3:16-21 - praying the Word of God is so powerful! and such a perfect place to start!