Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Office: an Update

My office is no longer haunted by Madam Poul. The insertion of some linen in the space above my door blocked her from entry. Apparently she moved to the next room where visiting groups stay. We've heard from some individuals that they regularly find eggs on their pillows. They say they have to throw out at least an egg a day… I say waste not - let's have omelettes!
The office, while beginning to feel comfortable, was crowded with the large room occupied by 5 big bunk-beds… so we’ve found another home
I’ve moved from the blue building to the purple building. I consider it a definite move up in terms of quality of office. The interior is a bright pink. I deeply appreciate that it is not a bubble gum pink (personal preference). Plus there are no bunk-beds. Obviously moving up in the orphanage!

My amazing helpers. They helped me with my big clean up this week.
 So if you come to Hope Village in the late morning or throughout the afternoon, come to room 17 in the purple building to say ‘Hi’ we love visitors.


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Community Health

Last week I completed my contribution to the Community Health Program here at MOH.
I had been asked to do some simple drawings for the teaching module for use with the Haitian health educators as well as for the educators to use within the communities where they will be teaching about health and disease prevention.
You may be wondering what kind of drawings would be needed for a program such as this. Well, let me tell you, they were not like any drawings I'd ever done before. I have now drawn men pooping both on dry and wet land, children sitting in their own diarrhea, dehydrated babies, animals spreading feces, families with illnesses, food infested with insects and more.
Below are two less graphic illustrations to be used to spur on discussion about penning animals:
Wandering Pig.
Where's he been? We don't know!
What did he do there? How can we tell?
Where's he going? Wherever he wants!

Penned Pig.
Pretty sure we're all feeling just a little bit safer.
Even the pig.
*okay, they may not use my script for the teaching...