Monday, 18 February 2013

Embracing Hope

My friend Diana is one of the greatest treasures I've touched on in Haiti.
She is from Ontario and has been teaching the missionary children here at MOH for 5 years or so.
She is brilliant and humble and always ready with an encouraging smile and a soft word of love.
Sometimes when I am around her I realize how my heart has become hard in ways that I haven't been noticing - I see it because her heart is so gentle - and I desire and pray for softening.
I love that we can do that for each other; as brothers and sisters reflecting back the Spirit in us, to each other.
Diana writes great blogs and I read one this morning that I want you to read.
The title of the post is "Pote mwen" here's the link:

Sometimes it's hard to find words for life, and sometimes, especially, life here. Yet there really is so much to share - so read her post and her perspective and hear the Holy Spirit in her.